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Summer Break!

Summer Break!

Party In The USA


Summer Break '14! Wooooh!

Hello there. Like every schoolchild in America, and also Rusty Foster, I have decided to take some time for myself this summer. Which means I Had Ten Dollars is going on a brief hiatus. I’m interning with DIY in San Francisco right now, and I’ve got a lot to learn in a short amount of time. Even though the interviewees for the site shoulder the bulk of the work every week, I don’t think I’ll be able to continue giving the site the attention it deserves while I’m here. Expecting someone to volunteer their time to a project while my attention drifts elsewhere is rude, and not in the good way that some teens mean it. (I might 100% be making that up. I have no idea what teens are doing.)

This is probably interesting to no one, but I generally try to stay about three weeks ahead of the site. Being busy with a new job in a new city, I’ve been eyeing the end of that runway as it approached, thinking, “I should probably do something about that.” Now that I’m here, the thing to do seems to pretty obvious - spend my free time hanging out in San Francisco and do a bunch of craft projects with my friends and co-workers.

I want to thank everyone who has participated so far for being so generous with their time and contributing such thoughtful answers. The fact that everyone I’ve asked has agreed to be interviewed makes me incredibly proud. I’ve had people I look up to greatly say that they are honored to have their interviews go up on the site, which makes me feel really good about all the wonderful people and projects I’ve managed to collect in one place, but also - I think - illustrates just how few opportunities many creators have to share their passion projects in a meaningful way. The audience here is admittedly small, but the interactions I’ve seen come out of the site are overwhelmingly positive, and I look forward to picking the project up again in October.

I’ll be heading back to Seattle at the end of September, and the timing to restart the series then is ideal. I’m attending XOXO for the second year in mid September and I expect to meet a ton of creative people with exciting side projects to cover.

Okay, have a nice summer. Byeeeeee!